Nicole Warner

“It doesn’t matter if you have money in your bank account or if you have a car; I know I made a difference because I helped a child,” said Nicole Warner, Mobile Crisis Response Team Care Coordinator.
            Nicole wanted a career that allowed her to help children, after graduating from Buffalo State College in 2001, with a degree in sociology and criminal justice; she worked in Niagara County as a court advocate for youths with mental issues.
            “What I did was make sure that kids who committed crimes did not get placed inappropriately in jail or in psychiatric hospitals,” said Nicole. “It was great. I really believe working as an advocate paved the way for me to help children who deal with crisis.”
            Though Nicole enjoyed her job as a court advocate, she left work to become a stay-at-home mother for her newborn son, in 2004. She adored spending time with her son, Gregory, for 2 ½ years, but she later had to get back into the working world when she and her husband, Greg Warner, decided to buy a home.
            “I had been searching through a lot of agencies and I ended up choosing New Directions,” said Nicole, who has worked for the agency almost 3 years. “I liked the Normative Culture.
            “Working as a MCRT care coordinator is a challenge, but that’s the best part. It’s a challenge because every family is different; there’s no black or white. Everything is gray and you never know what you’re going to get. It helps with creativity.”
            A typical workday for Nicole consists of home visits, children-and-family visits, and paperwork.
            “I scramble with loads of paper work. I actually work out of my car a lot,” said Nicole. She deals with at-risk youth and tries to prevent out-of-home placement and psychiatric hospitalization. Nicole works with the child and family to come up with a plan to abate crisis.
            “I try to make myself available for families, which is why I work evenings,” said Nicole. “This works out for me though, because I’m able to take my son to school or to a doctor’s appointment in the morning if I need to. It’s flexible.”
            The biggest challenge of Nicole’s job is being on-call and juggling crises with the families she works with, as well as her own family.
            It may be a challenge but Nicole has figured out a way to juggle the two. When the needs of her family get demanding she uses some of the tools from work to handle it. On the other hand, when the needs of the families she works with get too demanding she uses her parenting skills. “I definitely think being a mother helps because I can put my feet in the shoes of the parents I work with,” said Nicole.
            Nicole hopes to one day work on an administrative level, but she wants to maintain working with the youth and families.
            “New Directions is a great agency to work for. My role as a care coordinator is great,” said Nicole. “It was definitely a calling for me to help children and families.”


Interesting Facts about Nicole

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite movie: The Christmas Story

Hobbies: Baking! Wedding cakes especially.

Groups/Clubs: Ice-skating, hockey and bowling. “Of course those are clubs that my son belongs to!”


December 2008

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