Stacy Jackson

Stacy JacksonStacy Jackson is the office manager at the Global Village Therapeutic Foster Care office in Buffalo, and works part time as a youth counselor at Avenue House. She received her associate’s degree in office management at Bryant & Stratton Business School, and began her career with Global Village in 1996.

“I was looking for a job and sent my resume to Randolph Children’s Home,” Stacy said. “Global Village had only four staff members at the time, and they needed an office manager. I ended up working in the Buffalo office,” Stacy said. Ten years later, Stacy still holds the same position, and has seen a lot of changes along the way.

“At first, Wyndham Lawn, Randolph... everyone was separate,” Stacy said. “I saw all of them come together. I was here when the agency merged. I think it was a great move; things run a lot more smoothly than they used to. There is more structure now, and more communication between the offices. There is a lot more going on in regards to the programs that we offer to the children and families that come to us.

“Our name and services are more prevalent in the community than they have ever been. In addition, after the merge, employees were offered a lot more; better benefits and more vacation time, to name a few things.”

Stacy genuinely enjoys working with New Directions.

“I love the people I work with,” she said. “Everyone in the office gets along great. We can really say what is on our mind without having any problems. Everyone is respectful.”

Laurie Grimm, Family Resource and Intake coordinator, said, “I’ve worked with Stacy since she’s been here, and she is the heart and soul of this office, absolutely. She is one of those people who takes charge and really knows what’s going on. She is the first person people meet and talk to, whether they are talking to her on the phone or walking through the office doors, and she always makes people feel welcome. It’s great working with her. If I have a question regarding computers or the office, she’s on top of it. I’d be lost without her.”

Stacy also enjoys working directly with the children in the various programs offered at New Directions. In addition to being an office manager, she had also worked part time at the Niagara Diagnostic office, where she dealt with younger children. Eventually, Helen Boots, Human Resources supervisor, told her about a youth counseling position that was open for Avenue House.

“She knew I liked working with kids, and thought that I would enjoy working there, with the older children,” Stacy said.
“I go one Sunday a month, and I look after at least five boys at a time. I make sure they stay on track with their chores, I cook them dinner, and we play games together. They don’t get to see me as much as they do the other staff members, but they like to talk to me about personal things. One boy has been discharged but still calls to talk to me every once in a while. I love working with the kids. I think they like me too. “

Stacy's Favorite Things:

  • Color: Purple
  • Television: Law and Order and CSI
  • Actor: Close friend Jesse Martin.
  • Music: Jazz
  • Food: Shrimp
  • Pet: Cat
  • Dessert: Chocolate cake
  • Hobby: Photography and scrap booking.
  • Flower: Calla lilies
  • Place to travel: New York City.

July 2006

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