Willie Fair


Willie Fair, assistant supervisor, at Mecorney Cottage at Wyndham Lawn Home for Children, participated in the Red Brick Power Lifting Championship, Saturday, Feb. 21, in Lewiston, where he broke a record in his age and weight class.
                “My sole intention when I came into the competition was to break the record in my weight class and I did it,” said Willie. “It felt great.”
                The Red Brick Power Lifting competition is a bench pressing competition that donates the proceeds to the troops in Afghanistan. 
            Willie, 37, weighing in at 272 pounds, broke the record in the age class of 35-39 and the weight class of 242-275 pounds.  There were three lifts to beat, the highest being 450 pounds, and Willie bench pressed 455 pounds.
            “I was nervous about the competition at first because I had lost nine pounds and I was afraid that I would be too drained to lift anything, but I was determined,” said Willie. “I didn’t think I could break a record but I did.”
            Willie, who has been weight lifting for 20 years, went through rigorous training to ready himself for the competition.
            “I trained seven days a week, an hour and a half every day,” said Willie. “I worked on different body parts every day. One thing I did to prepare myself was train with this guy that weighs 30 pounds more than me, and what I would do is try to lift more than he would. I wanted to outdo him.” All of that training doesn’t scare Willie in the slightest.
            “Weight lifting is a part of my life,” said Willie. “It is my life. It’s what keeps me grounded.”
            All the hard work Willie put in certainly paid off. He not only broke a record, but during the competition he wowed the audience.
            “I had the crowd hyped,” said Willie. “It was like I was a comic book super hero. They wanted to know how big my arms were. It was great. The best part was my mom in the audience screaming ‘That’s my son!’ and my kids out there rooting for me!”
            Willie may love the attention he receives from onlookers, but he finds that weight lifting is self-rewarding.
             “Weight lifting is good for the body and mind,” said Willie. “You feel good and you like how your body looks. You have more confidence.”
            Willie, who took first place in his weight class two years ago, plans on competing next year. “My goal for next year is to bench 500 pounds and set a standard that no one can reach,” said Willie.


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April 1, 2009

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