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Laurie, left, rides "Zip" and Jessica rides "Superman" while competing in the Walk, Trot, Canter Equitation Class where they demonstrate the rider's performance and control of the horse.

16th annual horse show held at Randolph Children's Home

Youth demonstrated to family and friends what they have learned in the equestrian program during the 16th Annual horse show that was held at Randolph Children’s Home June 13.  This event gives the youth an opportunity to show friends and family what they have learned from working with the horses, and allows others the chance to see the accomplishments of the children.

“It is great to see gold record behavior and the children getting ready for the show,” said Stephanie Canon, Equestrian Program supervisor.  “The parents are thrilled and amazed to see their children controlling such big animals.“

Over the past few years, the show has evolved into both a horse show and a family day.  It allows children in the equestrian program to demonstrate their skills in events such as the costume class and the grand finale cloverleaf barrel race.  During the costume class, youth dress themselves and their horse in a costume of their choice.  The cloverleaf barrel race consists of the horse and the youth attempting to complete a cloverleaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time. 

 “Parents are very impressed on how their children’s behavior has changed,” Canon said.  “They are amazed to see when I ask their child for help, they do it right away.  Six months before their child might not have lifted a finger to help anybody.”

The equestrian program strives to enhance the therapeutic value of New Directions Youth and Family Services’ programs by intentionally developing a mutually beneficial relationship between youth and animals.  The relationship results in a bond that brings consistency, care and growth.  The interaction with horses generally results in a sense of mastery and positive outcomes. 

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Josh dresses up himself and the horse as Superman during the costume class. The horse happens to be named Superman, too.

June 2009

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