Teen from Wyndham Lawn benefits from baseball 

By Ashley Williams
Communications Intern

Josh, 15, turns what he learns on the baseball field into success at Wyndham Lawn Home for Children.   

He has earned the Wildcat status at Wyndham Lawn relatively quickly. The Wildcat Club is for students who demonstrate good behavior.  These students are considered high status and expected to exhibit leadership, be a positive role model, and to show effort to pass all subjects in school.

There are privileges that go with Wildcat status, too.

“Wildcats allows you more freedom, access to the Wildcat Lounge, and no quiet time after dinner as long as the good behavior continues,” said Josh.

In order to achieve Wildcat status, the youth has to show a group of staff members that he deserves the privileges.

“I feel Josh took what he learned from baseball, being comfortable with all positions and a team approach,” said Mario Hernandez, cottage supervisor at Wyndham Lawn. “He demonstrated it to the other staff who saw the behavior as Wildcat status. Josh definitely earned his status.”

Josh plays all outfield positions and first base for the Lockport Elks baseball team, coached by Hernandez.  Lockport Elks is a travel team that is part of the Lockport Midget League.  The league provides a quality baseball program for area youth ages 13 to 18. 

“Baseball keeps me out of trouble,” said Josh. “It is something to do when I feel bored.”

Baseball has always been part of Josh’s life, though this is his first season with the Lockport Elks.  After an impressive showing at a winter hitting clinic, Mario invited Josh to join the team.  At the midpoint of the 2009 season, he is doing very well.  Although Josh will be too old for the Elks next year, he will be part of the Lockport “A” team.   

July 2009

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