You can provide Short-Term Foster Care

You can provide short-term foster care to children when you become a respite parent.

When you are a respite parent, a child stays with you in your home for a period ranging from a few hours to several weeks. The child’s visit may be planned well in advance or occur on an emergency basis.

Respite parents receive the same training and certification that therapeutic foster parents receive. The training is free.

Respite care is needed because sometimes parents and children just need a break from each other. At other times, there may be a family crisis, such as a parent needing hospitalization or having to attend an out-of town funeral.

Respite parents help children from our foster families and adoptive families. They also help birth families in the Wraparound Program so that the child doesn’t require long-term placement outside the home.

For more information, contact Melissa Bonello, family resource/intake coordinator at (716) 834-9413, ext. 214. In the Southern Tier, contact Linda Passamonte, youth counselor, at (716) 358-3636, ext. 266.



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